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(*) denotes correspondance

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  1. mACPpred2.png
    mACPpred 2.0: Stacked deep learning for anticancer peptide prediction with integrated spatial and probabilistic feature representations
    Vinoth Kumar Sangaraju(†)Nhat Truong Pham(†)Leyi Wei, Xue Yu, and Balachandran Manavalan
  2. SEP-AlgPro.png
    SEP-AlgPro: An efficient allergen prediction tool utilizing traditional machine learning and deep learning techniques with protein language model features
    Shaherin BasithNhat Truong PhamBalachandran Manavalan, and Gwang Lee
  3. DroughtLD.png
    Predicting drought stress under climate change in the Southern Central Highlands of Vietnam
    Phong Nguyen Thanh, Xuan Ai Tien Van, Au Nguyen Hai, Chinh Le Cong, Alexandre S GagnonNhat Truong PhamDuong Tran Anh, and Vuong Nguyen Dinh
  4. Meta-2OM.png
    Meta-2OM: A multi-classifier meta-model for the accurate prediction of RNA 2’-O-methylation sites in human RNA
    Md Harun-Or-Roshid, Nhat Truong PhamBalachandran Manavalan, and Hiroyuki Kurata
    PLoS ONE, 2024
  5. ac4C-AFL.png
    ac4C-AFL: A high-precision identification of human mRNA N4-acetylcytidine sites based on adaptive feature representation learning
    Nhat Truong Pham, Annie Terrina Terrance, Young-Jun JeonRajan Rakkiyappan, and Balachandran Manavalan
  6. H2Opred.png
    H2Opred: a robust and efficient hybrid deep learning model for predicting 2’-O-methylation sites in human RNA
  7. HBA-dHoSMO.png
    Enhanced sliding mode controller design via meta-heuristic algorithm for robust and stable load frequency control in multi-area power systems
    Anh-Tuan Tran, Minh Phuc Duong, Nhat Truong Pham, and Jae Woong Shim
  8. MeL-STPhos.png
    Advancing the accuracy of SARS-CoV-2 phosphorylation site detection via meta-learning approach
    Nhat Truong Pham(†), Le Thi Phan(†), Jimin Seo, Yeonwoo Kim, Minkyung Song, Sukchan Lee, Young-Jun Jeon, and Balachandran Manavalan


  1. Comparative analysis of multi-loss functions for enhanced multi-modal speech emotion recognition
    Phuong-Nam Tran, Thuy-Duong Thi Vu, Nhat Truong Pham, Hanh Dang-Ngoc, and Duc Ngoc Minh Dang
  2. SER-Fuse.png
    SER-Fuse: An Emotion Recognition Application Utilizing Multi-Modal, Multi-Lingual, and Multi-Feature Fusion
    Nhat Truong Pham(*), Le Thi Phan, Duc Ngoc Minh Dang, and Balachandran Manavalan
  3. Multi-modal Speech Emotion Recognition: Improving Accuracy Through Fusion of VGGish and BERT Features with Multi-head Attention
    Phuong-Nam Tran, Thuy-Duong Thi Vu, Duc Ngoc Minh DangNhat Truong Pham, and Anh-Khoa Tran
  4. ADP-Fuse.png
    ADP-Fuse: A novel dual layer machine learning predictor to identify antidiabetic peptides and diabetes types using multiview information
    Shaherin BasithNhat Truong PhamMinkyung Song, Gwang Lee, and Balachandran Manavalan
  5. SERVER: Multi-modal Speech Emotion Recognition using TransformeR-based and Vision-based Embeddings
    Nhat Truong PhamDuc Ngoc Minh Dang, Bich Hong Ngoc Pham, and Sy Dzung Nguyenæ
  6. UR-MAC.png
  7. DrugormerDTI.png
    DrugormerDTI: Drug Graphormer for drug–target interaction prediction
    Jiayue Hu, Wang Yu, Chao Pang, Junru Jin, Nhat Truong PhamBalachandran Manavalan, and Leyi Wei
  8. AAD-Net.png
    AAD-Net: Advanced end-to-end signal processing system for human emotion detection & recognition using attention-based deep echo state network
    Mustaqeem KhanAbdulmotaleb El Saddik, Fahd Saleh Alotaibi, and Nhat Truong Pham
  9. StockML.png
    Towards an efficient machine learning model for financial time series forecasting
    Arun Kumar, Tanya Chauhan, Srinivasan NatesanNhat Truong PhamNgoc Duy Nguyen, and Chee Peng Lim
  10. HDA_mADCRNN.png
    Hybrid data augmentation and deep attention-based dilated convolutional-recurrent neural networks for speech emotion recognition
  11. Pretoria.png
    Pretoria: An effective computational approach for accurate and high-throughput identification of CD8+ t-cell epitopes of eukaryotic pathogens
    Phasit Charoenkwan, Nalini Schaduangrat, Nhat Truong PhamBalachandran Manavalan, and Watshara Shoombuatong
  12. Humain_brain.png
    An exploratory simulation study and prediction model on human brain behavior and activity using an integration of deep neural network and biosensor Rabi antenna
    Nhat Truong Pham, Montree Bunruangses, Phichai Youplao, Anita Garhwal, Kanad Ray, Arup Roy, Sarawoot Boonkirdram, Preecha Yupapin, Muhammad Arif Jalil, Jalil Ali, Shamim KaiserMufti MahmudSaurav Mallik, and Zhongming Zhao
    Heliyon, 2023
  13. osw-1d-prn-shap.png
    Speech emotion recognition using overlapping sliding window and Shapley additive explainable deep neural network
    Nhat Truong PhamSy Dzung Nguyen, Vu Song Thuy Nguyen, Bich Ngoc Hong Pham, and Duc Ngoc Minh Dang
  14. Fruit-CoV.png
    Fruit-CoV: An efficient vision-based framework for speedy detection and diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infections through recorded cough sounds
    Long H Nguyen(†)Nhat Truong Pham(†)(*), Van Huong Do, Liu Tai Nguyen, Thanh Tin NguyenHai NguyenNgoc Duy NguyenThanh Thi NguyenSy Dzung Nguyen, Asim Bhatti, and Chee Peng Lim
  15. Fruit-API.png
    Towards designing a generic and comprehensive deep reinforcement learning framework
    Ngoc Duy NguyenThanh Thi NguyenNhat Truong PhamHai Nguyen, Dang Tu Nguyen, Thanh Dang Nguyen, Chee Peng Lim, Michael Johnstone, Asim Bhatti, Douglas Creighton, and Saeid Nahavandi


  1. 3MTL_SER.png
    Speech emotion recognition: A brief review of multi-modal multi-task learning approaches
    Nhat Truong Pham, Anh-Tuan Tran, Bich Ngoc Hong Pham, Hanh Dang-Ngoc, Sy Dzung Nguyen, and Duc Ngoc Minh Dang
  2. PUT_MAC.png
    Priority-Based Uplink Raw Slot Utilization in the IEEE 802.11 ah Networks
    Duc Ngoc Minh Dang, Anh Khoa Tran, and Nhat Truong Pham
  3. vieCap4H Challenge 2021: Vietnamese Image Captioning for Healthcare Domain using Swin Transformer and Attention-based LSTM
    Thanh Tin Nguyen, Long H Nguyen, Nhat Truong Pham(*), Liu Tai Nguyen, Van Huong Do, Hai Nguyen, and Ngoc Duy Nguyen
  4. SF-MAC.png
    Space-Frequency Diversity based MAC protocol for IEEE 802.11 ah networks
    Duc Ngoc Minh Dang, Van Thau Tran, Hoang Lam Nguyen, Nhat Truong Pham, Anh Khoa Tran, and Ngoc-Hanh Dang
  5. KeyIE.png
    Key Information Extraction from Mobile-Captured Vietnamese Receipt Images using Graph Neural Networks Approach
    Van Dung Pham, Le Quan Nguyen, Nhat Truong Pham, Bao Hung Nguyen, Duc Ngoc Minh Dang, and Sy Dzung Nguyen
  6. SceneText.png
    Vietnamese Scene Text Detection and Recognition using Deep Learning: An Empirical Study
    Nhat Truong Pham(†), Van Dung Pham(†), Qui Nguyen-Van, Bao Hung Nguyen, Duc Ngoc Minh Dang, and Sy Dzung Nguyen
  7. SRE-MAC.png
    Safety Message Broadcast Reliability Enhancement MAC protocol in VANETs
    Duc Ngoc Minh Dang, Anh Khoa Tran, Nhat Truong Pham, Khanh Duong Tran, and Hanh Ngoc Dang
  8. SciRep.png
    A deep learning approach for detecting drill bit failures from a small sound dataset
    Thanh Tran, Nhat Truong Pham, and Jan Lundgren
  9. mVina.png
    Improving ligand-ranking of AutoDock Vina by changing the empirical parameters
    T Ngoc Han PhamTrung Hai Nguyen, Nguyen Minh Tam, Thien Y. Vu, Nhat Truong Pham, Nguyen Truong Huy, Binh Khanh Mai, Nguyen Thanh Tung, Minh Quan Pham, Van V. Vu, and Son Tung Ngo
  10. fRiskC.png
    Determination of the optimal number of clusters: a fuzzy-set based method
    Sy Dzung Nguyen, Vu Song Thuy Nguyen, and Nhat Truong Pham
  11. Memotion2.png
    HCILab at Memotion 2.0 2022: Analysis of sentiment, emotion and intensity of emotion classes from meme images using single and multi modalities
    Thanh Tin NguyenNhat Truong PhamNgoc Duy NguyenHai Nguyen, Long H Nguyen, and Yong-Guk Kim


  1. soundSepsound.png
    Separate sound into STFT frames to eliminate sound noise frames in sound classification
    Thanh Tran, Kien Bui Huy, Nhat Truong Pham, Marco Carratù, Consolatina Liguori, and Jan Lundgren


  1. JAEC.png
    A method upon deep learning for speech emotion recognition
    Nhat Truong PhamDuc Ngoc Minh Dang, and Sy Dzung Nguyen